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With over 15 years experience providing tailored advice for your pregnancy journey.

Helping you increase confidence and eliminate fears by preparing you mentally, physically and emotionally using complementary and wellbeing therapy.

A healthy body for an enjoyable pregnancy and a happy baby

Are you overwhelmed by motherhood, there is so much information, so many opinions how do you sort what is best for you and your baby

Helping you overcome pregnancy fears, managing or reducing the risk of miscarriage, reducing risk of pre-term labour, what do pregnancy complications mean for me, what type of delivery is best for me.

What information is relevant to your pregnancy

  • Providing tailored advice for you, your pregnancy and your family.
  • Understanding and managing problems in your pregnancy
  • How to manage a work life balance,
  • Improving your labour experience
  • What mode of delivery is best for you

How to keep a healthy body

  • What exercise is best for you and your baby
  • What foods are best for you and your baby
  • How to ensure you get back into your pre-pregnancy clothes after giving birth
  • Exercises for labour
  • Preparation for a caesarean

How to keep a healthy mind

  • Wellbeing advice
  • Expectations of pregnancy and delivery
  • Mental preparation
  • How to overcome a traumatic birth experience
  • Personalised Ayurveda and Acupuncture

Giving birth has been the most difficult and significant thing I have ever done and I couldn’t have done it without you

With love mum dad & baby

Not a moment since we met did, I ever doubt your ability as a doctor. You picked up my case when I was just 8 weeks pregnant and from that moment you never let me give up on myself and when my faith ran out you gave it back to me. Not a single moment of my pregnancy was easy but I wouldn’t be here with baby without your help

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