She wore a blackberry beret

If there are any other fans of Milly Molly Mandy* out there, or who at least remember her fondly from their childhoods they’ll remember she spent a lot of time going blackberrying. Which in light of recent research is apparently good news, as blackberries may be the healthiest food around.

* I’m scared that if I reread MMM I’ll find it hugely unPC, rather like Noddy (although apparently they have or are sanitizing it), or Curious George or even the newly released Peter Pan on two disc DVD. We just got it for Madeleine only to discover it’s got some horrible stereotypes in it and Tinker Bell’s just nasty, which hasn’t seemed to lessen Madeleine’s fairy fixation. . . It’s not that I think kiddielit should be all happy and lovely, and I had no idea what I was reading when I was little, but still…It’s kind of like when you reread the Narnia books when you’re older and suddenly you get all the biblical stuff. Anyhow, this was supposed to be about blackberries.

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