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I was talking with another friend with a one-year-old and a three-year-old last night and she saThe Balanced Momid, “Parenting is relentless!” And she’s right. She was talking about the bedtime routine, night after night, day in, day out. I was thinking washing the high-chair tray at least 3x a day, every day…I think it’s a cumulative thing too – with your first you have more energy (ie. less accumulated sleep deprivation) but by the time your second is into their second year, you’re worn down.

Hence my going on about The Balanced Mom and Breaking the Good Mom Myth. We can’t take care of our little ones if we don’t take care of ourselves! Another great book I was reminded about last night is the Three Martini Playdate – one of my favourite chapters is titled along the lines of Children’s Music, Why? Although I’d never have discovered Elizabeth Mitchell if it wasn’t for Madeleine. . .

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  1. Helen Says:

    Thank you so much for the tip on ‘Breaking the Good Mom myth’. I laughed out loud about four times, just reading the intro. That’s pretty good for a parenting book! She’s funny but also pokes fun at the current neuroticism (sp?) of Momhood. Yes, I see myself in her pages many times…. However, on the bright side, she also supplies ideas for getting off the crazy bandwagon. Still reading this one, but really loving it.

    Also, highly recommend Three Martini Playdate. So funny! And canNOT say enough good things about Elizabeth Mitchell. I adore her music!!!!

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