ann douglas! squee!

Ann Douglas was one of my parenting  heroes before I’d ever thought of Healthy Mum or conceived yoyomama. In fact the first book I purchased after I really did conceive the first time was her Mother Of All Pregnancy Books (I’d already been given a dog-eared copy of What To Expect), the second edition of which has just been published.

But Ann Douglas became my über hero when I, an unpublished author she’d never heard of, asked if I could send her a draft of Healthy Mum to see if she’d be up for writing a blurb for the book cover. I could not imagine anything more exciting than having Ann endorse my book. And not only did she offer to read it but she wrote a lovely blurb for the cover and this great review on Amazon! I was honoured that she was so supportive of a beginning writer and so very star struck!

Fast forward a few years to the launch of and my first forays onto Twitter and there was Ann, a vibrant part of the community who I connected with again (and who remembered me!) and have been connected with online ever since.  She’s always gracious and supportive and connected to the Canadian parenting community.

However, I’ve never met her in person despite feeling as if I know her. But all that will change next week when she hits Vancouver for the book tour for The Mother of All Pregnancy Books. She’s hosting a Tweetup at the Opus Hotel and I’ll also be sitting down with her one-on-one to ask her our readers’ burning questions.  Squee!! In the meantime if you have a question you’d like me to ask Ann please submit it here and I’ll be sure to pose it to her next week!

I have some other exciting author news coming up that I’ll share when I have more details. I’ll be interviewing another great Canadian writer at an event here in town but this time it’s mysteries and not mummies.