oh canada!

We thought it would be colour appropriate to go strawberry picking today. We were tempted by more festive celebrations, but after seeing how mellow (& sleepy) the girls were after we visited the UBC Farm yesterday morning (an aside – we highly recommend the Saturday morning market to all parents, bring a picnic and stake out one ofRead more ⟶

it’s d-lovely

In light of all the news of late about the benefits of Vitamin D I’ve been wondering if I should start supplementing with it or mainlining it or not worrying about it at all. . .Health Canada has just updated their recommendations around Vitamin D and Health and they’ll be participating in a conference in September ofRead more ⟶

grow your own

Does all this talk of childhood obesity freak you out a little? Me too. A new report from the Saint Louis University Medical Center concludes that children who are involved with growing and cooking their food have a better diet. If a school has a garden the students also eat more fruits and veggies, andRead more ⟶

emotional eating

A lot of emotions can prompt overeating – stress, frustration, boredom, anxiety – and new mums can be prone to all of those emotions. Here are a few tips on avoiding overeating to fill a void: Try and avoid or limit caffeine and alcohol, which can be especially hard on your system if you’re alreadyRead more ⟶