cooking with kids

As a promised follow up to my post on Grow Your Own, we went right to the source and asked the fine (and knowledgeable) folks at Barbara Jo’s Books to Cooks for their favourite books for cooking with and for kids. I’ll start with cooking with kids and post later on cooking for kids. Mark Bittman himself (author ofRead more ⟶

oh canada!

We thought it would be colour appropriate to go strawberry picking today. We were tempted by more festive celebrations, but after seeing how mellow (& sleepy) the girls were after we visited the UBC Farm yesterday morning (an aside – we highly recommend the Saturday morning market to all parents, bring a picnic and stake out one ofRead more ⟶

it’s d-lovely

In light of all the news of late about the benefits of Vitamin D I’ve been wondering if I should start supplementing with it or mainlining it or not worrying about it at all. . .Health Canada has just updated their recommendations around Vitamin D and Health and they’ll be participating in a conference in September ofRead more ⟶

grow your own

Does all this talk of childhood obesity freak you out a little? Me too. A new report from the Saint Louis University Medical Center concludes that children who are involved with growing and cooking their food have a better diet. If a school has a garden the students also eat more fruits and veggies, andRead more ⟶

emotional eating

A lot of emotions can prompt overeating – stress, frustration, boredom, anxiety – and new mums can be prone to all of those emotions. Here are a few tips on avoiding overeating to fill a void: Try and avoid or limit caffeine and alcohol, which can be especially hard on your system if you’re alreadyRead more ⟶

lotsa links

I’ve found a couple of helpful links this morning while I’m battling my guilt about sending my not 100% preschooler back to daycare and adding an extra day of daycare to my toddler’s week. How am I justifying it? After almost a week of sicko preschooler and now a postop hubby I need some timeRead more ⟶