got milk? aka “i am not a chew toy”

Well I might have it, but Lucy doesn’t want it anymore, so I’m feeling a little sad. She’s been down to one nurse a day for ages now (first thing in the am) and it’s sort of our cuddle time and my time to sit for five whole minutes, but for the last week all she does is nurse for a few moments and then bite me. If I try again she bites me again. If I switch sides she bites me again. I love her and I enjoy nursing her but I am not willing to be bitten all morning long.

This morning I didn’t even try and she seemed fine with it. Since this is almost certainly our last baby this means I will never breastfeed again, ever. And that makes me sad, even if I sometimes found being a milk bar frustrating.

The upside? I may lose (some of) my blubby tummy that my body holds onto no matter what I do while I’m nursing (or at least that’s how it worked with Madeleine). Another plus? My “boo boos” (as M so charmingly calls them) may shrink, ’cause I don’t think I can live with an “F” cup for much longer!