grow your own

grow your own

Does all this talk of childhood obesity freak you out a little? Me too. A new report from the Saint Louis University Medical Center concludes that children who are involved with growing and cooking their food have a better diet. If a school has a garden the students also eat more fruits and veggies, and know more about eating healthily.

It’s a good time of year to start thinking about growing your own fruits and veggies to harvest over the summer and in the fall – apparently this past weekend was a doozy for garden centres etc. If’ you’ve got a black thumb like I do you may need some help,so here are a few websites with helpful planting info:

You Grow Girl – Canadian Gayla Trail’s site and books approach gardening with a laid-back approach which focuses equally on environmentalism, style, affordability, art and humour.

If you’re like us and you don’t have a patch of garden to call your own, you may want to look for space in your local community garden – it may be too late for this season, but you can always reserve for next and you could start small by growing fresh herbs on your windowsill.

Here are a few tips from Better Homes & Gardens on starting a garden. Brian Minter’s site is good too, as is his call in segment on BC Almanac on CBC. The Natural Gardener, a store on West 10th Avenue here in Vancouver, also has useful classes to get you going, and an archive of articles. Plus if you go in, Bob, the owner, is super helpful.

Coming soon – cooking with your kids, tips & tricks for involving them without destroying your kitchen…