hi ho, hi ho, off to toronto i go

Well I’ve picked a TV-ready outfit that does its best to minimize my blubby mummy tummy and that can go from TV to radio to print…it makes the idea of office to evening dressing seem positively easy. I’ve packed my bag, put all my in-flight toiletries into a resealable plastic bag, stuffed the rest into my suitcase, made numerous lists for everyone at home. Now all that’s left is to go…I’ll report back when I get back (if not from there).

A few Healthy Mum, Happy Baby links I found while trolling online today:

  • This site has tonnes of good breastfeeding info & links plus a hitherto unknown hmhb plug
  • Amazon.ca has a list of recommended books for Mother’s Day & hmhb made line two! Yeah!
  • My mum also sent a link to an article in the Globe with Dr. Jack Newman answering your breastfeeding questions, and the article links to another article called Breast Friends – which would have been on my alternate title list had I been clever enough to think of it – but which is actually about a growing trend in wetnursing and co-nursing…I always wondered how it would feel to nurse someone else’s child but never went there myself.