keep your ears to the ground this week

Or at least tuned to the radio & TV if you want to hear more about Healthy Mum, Happy Baby.

On Monday the 14th I’ll be on on CFAX Radio in Victoria live from 4:30 to 5:00 with Rebecca Scott. I’m not sure if it’s a full 1/2 hour or not, I’ll keep you posted. The call # is 1070, but I’m not sure if it’s am or fm. You can listen live online if you’re not in Victoria however.

On Tuesday morning I’ll be doing two six-minute segments on Breakfast Television between 9:00 am and 10:00 am so if you’re able to tune in then I’d love your feedback.

There are two tickets left for the Barbara Jo’s event on Wednesday night. What do you get for $70? A chance to see me cook and talk at the same time which could be interesting on so many levels…plus a me-cooked meal, which I’m not going to divulge yet, but should be delicious, and a copy of the book, which I will, of course sign. Call the store: 604.688.6755 if you’re interested!

There may be more coming up next week, so check back to this post for updates! And thanks for everyone’s support & feedback!