lotsa links

I’ve found a couple of helpful links this morning while I’m battling my guilt about sending my not 100% preschooler back to daycare and adding an extra day of daycare to my toddler’s week. How am I justifying it? After almost a week of sicko preschooler and now a postop hubby I need some time to get caught up before the weekend with almost helpless hubby hits us.

All that aside, now that strawberries are coming into season did you know that they’re not just an excellent source of vitamin C and fibre but they’re also antioxidant-rich and thus can help promote heart health and protect against cancer and inflammatory diseases? They’re also an important fruit to eat organic if possible as per the Environmental Working Group’s list of most pesticide contaminated foods.
>> Strawberry source & >> EWG source

And channeling strawberries, Daily Candy recently posted a great do-it-yourself spring renewal facial with ingredients including yogurt and strawberries… >> Daily Candy

And are you already a fan of Caring for Kids? It’s seaonally appropriate kids health info from the Canadian Pediatric Society and I find there’s almost always something worth reading in their montly newsletters.
>> Caring for Kids