tyranny of the child gurus

tyranny of the child gurus

A friend sent a link to an great article from Britain’s The Independent newspaper from May 22nd called Tyranny of the child gurus: You don’t have to be a paranoid parent which is well worth reading, it starts:

There was a time when parents were told that to guarantee family happiness, children should be seen and not heard. Today it seems, to some, that a role reversal has taken place. In the 21st century, it is the parents themselves who are being told to shut up and learn from their betters.

The once private world between parent and child has been annexed by an army of policymakers, so-called childcare gurus and supernannies proffering a bewildering array of daunting, if well-meant, advice.

And there’s great stuff on how mothering has been taken away from mothers and handed over to “the experts”, plus the whole hollywood mother image of losing all your baby weight post-haste etc. Plus there are low downs on the theories and practices of Jo Frost (aka Super Nanny), Sheila Kitzinger and Dr. Spock among others.

I was interested to read it because it crystalized some of the things I wrote about in the book like weight loss and knowing your own child and trusting your own instincts, so it really echoed with me.